2017 Binder | 1

I’ve been in the process for about a month on making us a family binder. This is going to be the go-to resource for our family’s needs as well as some personal planning and record keeping for me and our homeschool. I know it will be ever evolving and it’s too much to get into one post because I honestly don’t have a clear picture of what it will look like yet. So, we’re breaking it down into chunks.

The thing I’ve been looking at over the last few months is what I want to track and manage for my family. It’s important to realize that your family’s needs are unlike others as a whole. They’re definitely may be some overlap in areas, but my binder will probably not look like anyone else’s. Take a look at your family’s unique needs and circumstances. Our main one is that we don’t live anywhere for longer than 18 months, which means we move a lot. I’m thinking a whole section dedicated to moves is going to be a must.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about how I can best manage my family? It’s to manage me. Like most Americans, the goal to lose weight has been on many a new year’s resolution list. However, it was until last Fall that I got serious about it, and by serious, I mean dedicated chunks of time and money to it. A year later, I’ve lost 15 pounds and more inches and I want to continue.

For me, this includes using Tone It Up. While their meal plans are a little unrealistic for me because of our budget, my picky eating, and my husband’s not wanting to jump on board for all of the weird foods, their workouts are awesome. I can do them at home with a few resources I’ve gathered over the past year. The new challenge starts on January 1st and I’m super excited. My goal for the rest of this year is to finish out strong doing the workouts each day and then rewarding myself with the new workout bundle after Christmas.


Physically, I want to lose weight and get toned. I’m tired of being my size and feeling frumpy. I’m tired of not having enough energy to keep up with my almost 5 year old. I have a weight plateau that I haven’t been able to get under, and I WANT it. Emotionally, I want to distance the way I feel from what I eat, and connect it to working out. Feeling down or lazy? Why not get a quick work out in instead of going to the market for a coke and some salt chips?

I want to commit to making the goal of eating according to the plan for M1-M4 (so breakfast through afternoon snack). During the first 6 months of 2017, my husband is going to be working hard, long hours. He wants to keep his favorite dinners on rotation and be doing his own thing for the other meals, so to make this realistic, this is my goal. Also, doing all the daily workouts. This will probably mean some screen time for my son, but sometimes he likes to jump in and do it with me.

I’ll be using my TIU instagram account for daily check ins, but as far as tracking my weight and size, I’ll be using a printable that I found here. It’s actually for a bullet journal, but I’m just going to stick in my 2017 family binder.



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