Advent 2016 | 1

This year, we’re going to take part in the tradition of the advent candle lighting. This fulfills two things for us in having traditions centered around the true meaning of Christmas without it feeling like a daily checklist of things to do. Our culture tells us this season is about activity and stuff- and those can be good things. We’re still buying gifts and doing the things. It’s just not the focus.

The focus is that this season is about waiting, about anticipation, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Without His birth, we wouldn’t have His death or resurrection and that changes everything.

Jim and I had a date night over the Thanksgiving holiday since we were in our hometown and had grandparents to watch Jacob. We went to Hobby Lobby and for $18 got the things we needed to make our advent wreath for this year. However, the green wreath we picked out isn’t going to work (let’s just say the words “fire hazard” are involved) so we had to go to plan B. That meant, cutting out a circle of construction paper (to protect from the dripping wax) cutting off some low branches from our Christmas tree and making a “wreath” around our candles. We just bought a pack of candles and tied the necessary ribbon around them.


Since we were out of town, we had every intention of starting our candle lighting tradition on Wednesday. But a bought of sickness for me and Jacob and long 12+ hour days for Jim at work postponed that. So, we’ll just do “both” readings this Sunday and go from there. We’ll light a new candle on Sundays, as is tradition, and re-light them each evening during dinner.



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